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Bastet. Genesis 8. (2017.01) by My-Rho Bastet. Genesis 8. (2017.01) :iconmy-rho:My-Rho 17 1
Doll Princess [Part 1]
A hot summer Sunday. A day you’ve been anticipating for weeks.
Today, a costume from Hobby 21 is coming to your home.
Why is a costume from Hobby 21, already on the way, heading to your doorstep?
Well, strictly speaking, the package coming today isn’t a costume from Hobby 21 itself.
It is a costume that you’re told has the same structure as a costume from Hobby 21.
It is a costume that is considered an urban legend by kigurumi fans around the world, said to be the pinnacle of costume design, though very few have seen it.
Along with your like-minded friends, you did careful research on this legendary group, hoping to capitalize on rumors that Hobby 21’s engineers are recruiting individual enthusiasts and making costumes for them.
Of course, they aren’t just giving them away for free. It seems that nobody outside the group is actually allowed to own any of these costumes, and they can only be borrowed with permission of the group’s leader.
They also ar
:iconnakaris:Nakaris 21 0
Commission - Blanc disguised as Hikari (sketch) by KlaudSan Commission - Blanc disguised as Hikari (sketch) :iconklaudsan:KlaudSan 106 7
Mature content
Vault of the Wardens Interlude :iconlyrissa-greenleaf:Lyrissa-Greenleaf 8 1
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Escape :iconjaceb42:JaceB42 17 3
A07 by pegasi-tw A07 :iconpegasi-tw:pegasi-tw 70 0 The Crawling City - Virgin Killer Sweater by bleedman The Crawling City - Virgin Killer Sweater :iconbleedman:bleedman 1,650 73 Maeve - Page 4 by Skwang
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Maeve - Page 4 :iconskwang:Skwang 181 13
Absol suit Reimu by sinrin8210
Mature content
Absol suit Reimu :iconsinrin8210:sinrin8210 300 7
Unmask 2 by goonzo70
Mature content
Unmask 2 :icongoonzo70:goonzo70 107 3
Mature content
LARPing :iconmaskmaestro:MaskMaestro 28 16
Skinsuit Security
Peeling the suit's stretchy material from the plastic insert, he took a proper look at the artificial skin. Rubbery but somehow pliant and soft, it had been packed very tightly into the box, folding out and unravelling until it reached the floor. It was just about the right height, as far as he could tell, and the options he'd customised on the order page had come through just fine - silky shoulder-length copper hair, lightly freckled skin with sultry makeup pre-applied, gentle features and a cute nose. 
He ran his hands over its folds, gently poking through the eye holes, playing with the hair. It felt bizarrely realistic and artificial at the same time, the inside surface coated in a thin layer of sticky gel. 
"Wow... this is the real deal." He took a breath, getting excited and nervous. Surreptitiously ordering the suit by using a backdoor into the company's website had been a decent thrill all on its own, but now that he had it here in his hands, it was electrifying. Thes
:iconconvolutedplot:ConvolutedPlot 111 13
Sanae to Kanako by  Vytz by Vytz Sanae to Kanako by Vytz :iconvytz:Vytz 129 5 Assuming the Role by Prinny77 Assuming the Role :iconprinny77:Prinny77 112 2 Light by 12-tf Light :icon12-tf:12-tf 154 17 Patreon! by SycosisTG
Mature content
Patreon! :iconsycosistg:SycosisTG 82 0



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Bella breathed. They were shallow breaths, somewhat impeded by the fleshy tube running down her throat, which in turn was secured to her mouth and anchored by suffocating covers over her teeth, her tongue, her lips…

But it was more than that. Her breaths somehow… sounded different. Deeper, perhaps, or more sultry. Not the light and timid sound of a soldier who was used to trying not to be heard. This voice, these gasps- they were the sounds of an exotic, feminine alien, nude in all its bizarre pale glory, enjoying the afterglow of two magnificent orgasms twice in a row.

There was a strange pressure at her crotch. Bella didn’t bother to move, still hugging the Seraph underneath her as her false alien penis retreated back into the flesh of the costume and melted into tight nothingness. The Seraph under her moaned, once, and then shook its head as it pushed itself up onto its elbows.

“Not bad, newbie,” Sara said weakly. “You’ve got quite the fire. I wish I could’ve seen you when you were at training on Coronth V.”

“Coronth V?” Bella asked almost without thinking, and mentally kicked herself. A simple “yes” or “thank you” would have sufficed…

Sara shifted uneasily. “Yeah, Coronth V,” she said. “I thought we all came from there. You know, the secondary training phase? They pulled us from the Conglomerate militia. Unless… are they diversifying? Where are you from?”

Bella thought fast and talked faster. “New Regalluise,” she lied smoothly, desperately trying to remember all that she could of the offworld planet that had seceded nearly three years ago to join the Conglomerate, a renegade coalition of planets that made the news once in awhile for small skirmishes with federal peacekeeping forces.

“Really?” There was a slightly suspicious tone in Sara’s voice, and all of a sudden her body language transformed from relaxed to tense. “I wasn’t aware of any special Seraph Ops headquarters located in that region.”

“We’re relatively new,” Bella said offhandedly. “Only got founded about… oh, six months or so ago. That’s why I don’t know too much about Ops.”

Sara’s facial expressions, being related through the skeletal alien mask glued over her face, looked vaguely unconvinced. “Hmm.”

“Well,” Bella said, pushing herself to her feet, “I have to go. Somebody… um, told me to meet them over at the…”

Her voice trailed off as Sara pushed herself to her feet as well. “Really?” she repeated. “Well, let’s get to it then. I’m not in a hurry- guard duty in a sealed and defended storage area is one of the most boring jobs in the galaxy. I’ll tag along, shall I?”

“I…” Bella’s mouth, despite being layered under a pulsating and warm mass of fleshy costume, went dry. “Oh… okay.”

Sara flicked her hands. “Lead on, newbie.”

Bella looked over at the hulking suit of Seraph armor off to the side. “Aren’t you going to… you know…”

“Oh, I think it’ll be perfectly all right,” Sara said dismissively. “Go on.”

Bella licked her lips- at least, as best as she could when she technically didn’t have lips anymore- and suddenly started off in a random direction. Her hope had been to distract Sara, giving her time to start getting into the slow and clunky Seraph suit before sneaking off, grabbing her stealth suit, and escaping after shaking off any pursuers. But now… What was she going to do? Bella had just walked into some vast conspiracy of some kind, and…

Suddenly there was a vivid, almost obscene snap, and a warm but uncomfortable feeling soared over Bella’s skin. Her mask suddenly began to writhe and convulse over her face. Bella, taken by surprise, half screamed as the tube running down her throat wrenched itself free along with the rest of the mask. The slimy undersides unknitted and pulled away, leaving Bella blind as the eyes of the mask slumped forward into her alien breasts. Gasping, Bella spun-

And two, firm hands grabbed her by the shoulders. Confused, Bella attempted to use a grappling maneuver to shake the hands off, but the grip only tightened and she felt herself being drawn forward. The mucus-like residue left on her bare, real skin picked up the pressure of a hot breath. It was Sara. A bony hand left her shoulder aching and clamped itself over Bella’s mouth. Over the ringing quiet, Bella realized that she had been shouting.

“Well, what do we have here?” She said, a note of half-wonderment in her voice. “A federal spy? New Regalluisans always have a deep tan from the intense sun. You’re not from the Conglomerate.” She paused. “But how did you get a suit…? A Seraph suit- one of ours…” There was a momentary silence, and Bella knew Sara was looking over at the open box that had only been half hidden. “Of course,” she continued, sounding amused. “The experimental HLNE suit. Well, that makes taking care of you a lot easier.”

The hand drifted away from Bella’s mouth. “Wait,” she protested. “Taking care of…?”

The mask was back on her face, sight gradually returning to her as the mouthpiece threw itself back down her throat, wriggling. The next breath she took in was alien. But before Bella had the time to even say another word, Sara stepped back.

“Morph unit 61.9 to remotely controlled state,” she said harshly. “Add unit 61.9 to unit 3.4’s control list. Initiate restrictive measures, level three.”


Bella’s voice was cut off as the empty fleshy tube running down her throat suddenly became alive, a pliable but inexorable stream of putty flooding the inside of her mouth until the only noise she could make was a restrained grunt. Her limbs suddenly became stiff and immobile, and it became impossible to move even an inch without encountering the obstacle of her very costume’s skin.

“Of course,” Sara continued calmly, “I won’t execute you like any sane Seraph operator would under normal circumstances. Maybe it’s just my sympathy, but your ineptitude as a spy moves me to some degree of pity. Plus, that happened to be quite the orgasm… I will acknowledge that. But you have to be taken captive and restrained to ensure that you are helpless and unable to escape. I can work with those rules...” A hand softly brushed her cheek, but Bella’s reflex shudder backwards was impeded and she ended up wobbling like a statue that had been pushed off its pedestal.

Sara’s footsteps retreated into the depths of the warehouse, but not for long. Soon she was back, and Bella could see her enemy’s face, wearing an exact same copy of the mask she herself wore, scrunched in concentration.

Hardly a few seconds later Bella heard the buzz of something vibrating. She couldn’t look down far enough, given the tilt of her head, to see what it was, but… Bella could hazard a guess.

She was proven correct. The shuddering dildo, molding sinuously to fill her up as much as possible and stimulate all the right places, was gently pushed inside of her. Bella had already been dealing the gently pulsating tubes thrust deep inside of her by the costume, so this new intruder was more than enough to push her slowly back to the realm of the sensual. Her mind became to grow fuzzy.

“Nice, huh?” Sara sniffed. “You’re lucky. I’ve always wanted to try this out on my own, but unfortunately the only person who can lock and unlock my suit is my superior, and everybody knows that the Major is as prude as you can get. Still…”

The next invader vibrated as fiercely but was jammed into her rear end. Bella tried to torque her body away but failed, and was forced to be still as waves of pleasure radiated from her nether regions.

“Now, let’s keep you like that… oh, wait, now. We can’t have you seeing any more of our top secret base, can we? Or our top secret conversations. Suit 61.9, switch audio and visual feedback to… link.”

Suddenly Bella’s vision went black, and a dull silence smothered her ears. A minute passed, then another, with the only thing to distract Bella from the stimulation in her pussy being her equally sensual stimulation in her anus. Then…

Sound again, but not light. With a faint hiss, Sara’s voice filtered in through the backdrop of blackness. “Hello again, newbie spy. We’re going to enjoy th-”

Suddenly a rasp and static. Sara’s voice spluttered. “Going…what?... shit… damn receiver…”

Suddenly Bella’s visual returned, along with full audio connection. She was rewarded by Sara’s Seraph features screwed up in an approximation of a frustrated scowl. “Damn it,” Sara said softly, “I forgot the batteries or something. Sorry, Bella.”

Bella tried to mumble “it’s okay” through her putty-gag, but it was virtually pointless.

Sara looked at Bella, then shrugged. The background of the warehouse shimmered and faded, before splintering into rays of dying light. The simulator machine spluttered to a quiet watchful silence in the corner of the room. Now the two Seraphs were in a plain, dull bronze room, with nothing left of the former scene but the HLNE box and the massive Seraph battle-suit.

“Still…” Sara sighed. She looked up at Bella, and a soft, wicked smile came back on her face. “Since we got this far…” She picked up the remote, flicked a few switches, and the throbbing inside of Bella doubled. “Let’s enjoy it while it lasts, shall we?”

Bella squirmed as the vibrations doubled, then doubled again… or maybe it was just her mind, becoming confused and dazzled by the spectacular light show flickering at the edges of her vision as the next waves of pleasure came blasting in. The last thing she was before her third orgasm was Sara slowly peeling a Seraph mask from her face.

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Olivia gritted her teeth. Then she began.

The liquid was viscous, black and like a goo that all at once stuck to her hands and slid off at the same time. It was solid like hardened wax, sleek like latex, pliable like putty, and thick as oil, all while slopping around the container. It was a very strange liquid- a liquid that Olivia had never seen the likes before.

That was, perhaps, because the substance was not a liquid at all.

Mimetic nanofluid constructors- creatively shortened to MNCs- were a revolutionary technology. It had many uses, many practical applications in the industrial fields and in scientific exploration and analysis. The military already had ordered several tons, despite the lab saying that it would be better off measured by liters. The corporate world had leapt to redesigning its newest products to incorporate this technology in order to revolutionize their businesses.

Of course, Olivia, being Olivia, came up with the brilliant idea of using said revolutionary experimental technology to pleasure herself and appease her fetishes. The ground-breaking nanotechnology was about to be lathered over her skin and shoved in her orifices.

Normally she wouldn’t do this, but…

Olivia flickered a smile over her face, just for a moment, before it gave way to a sharp gasp. The cold goo that she had scooped up elicited juddering sensations across her skin, like an ice cold honey or skin cream. She spread it slowly over her naked body. Slowly, slowly. It was an expensive substance after all, and although technically Olivia hadn’t paid for this particular laboratory batch that she had “borrowed” from work that day, it wouldn’t do to simply dump it all over her and risk some of that precious liquid scuttling off into the drain to do who-knew-what.

She lathered it all over every inch of her body except her face and ears, not hesitating to shove fingers dripping with the stuff into her slit and asshole. It was… a unique experience. Olivia felt the nanos begin their routine that she had pre-programmed beforehand. Up they went into her, coating her insides as they went. Slick her insides became, alien, as the liquid passively invaded her, caring not to push or prod or poke too much inside, but still making fearsome progress at any rate.

Sleek black shimmered over her plain brown bun, the nanos encircling each and every hair. Her hair unraveled to a glistening length around her back and elbows, but before Olivia could do much to admire them she noticed the liquid hardening over the skin of her hands and belly and- well, everywhere. It gave her skin a smooth, lustrous quality- like a fusion of rubber, metal, and flesh coming into existence as a paper-thin coating over her body. The feeling playing across Olivia’s skin was like breaths of wind, and the dripping of droplets of water.

But she would be able to enjoy that later. Olivia was determined to get this done, fulfill this strange kink of hers once and for all. She dipped her pinkies into the nanofluids, then unabashedly shoved them into her nostrils. The liquid seeped up, momentarily cutting off her very oxygen intake, before melding itself to her voicebox and diving down her esophagus. It was a strangling feeling, but after it was all done all discomfort faded, the nanos neutralizing any irritations.

The same went for her mouth. Olivia cupped her hands with the MNCs and made as if to drink, swilling it around in her mouth to let the little microscopic bots do their work in coating her teeth and tongue. Then she gulped, and the stream of nanos going down her throat met the nanos coming up from her anus in her gut, and fused with a pleasant and warm pulse in her stomach.

Next came the slight uncomfortable pressure that formed as Olivia’s trachea slowly was consumed by black. Of course, the nanos knew better than to wander into the delicate framework of her lungs, but they instantly created a flexible filter that let air pass easily through from her mouth. A similar filter formed at the back of her mouth, not far enough up front to get in the way of her teeth and tongue, but large enough to filter poisonous gases and unwanted substances. This latter addition was from the military version Olivia had been tasked with programming herself- of course, she had no real use to it, but for some reason that quiet, not-so-silenced breathing that the throat filters allowed turned her on. She could also breathe without her mouth or nose, which would come in handy for the later part of her little operation…

Now the eyes. Olivia held up her fingers expectantly, much in the same way a person would hold contacts. And as if by magic, two black semi-spheres formed like miniature bowls at her fingertips. As she watched the inside of the contacts turned a milky white.

There was no hesitation as she slid them in. The contacts were as cool as eyedrops and fitted themselves in without any difficulty. For an instant, Olivia was rendered blind. Then the world slowly faded back into being around her, the objects slightly fuzzy as if observed from behind misted glass panes.

Olivia blinked, then looked down at her feet where her three special appliances were. She held them aloft- matte black, made of similar MNC science, all except more… solid. She inserted one narrow egg-shaped one into her tight asshole, another tube into her urethra, and finally a custom molded, pliable shape into her vagina. Once the three parts were in, the liquid MNCs covering her body inside and out swept in to anchor them to her. The connections were created. An airy breeze blew over Olivia’s not-so-naked body anymore, and she lifted her hands up to smear the shining black over her face. Two shiny hands, quite unlike her own, lathered it all over her like a strange, dark lotion. It covered her entirely, melding with the nanos already inside her mouth and nostrils. The goo melded her eyelids shut, her mouth closed, covered her ears. But at the same time, Olivia could still see thanks to her contacts, which maintained a live video feed with the nanos covering her face, and hear- albeit with a slight, buzzing static sound. The goo shaped itself under her fingers until her face resembled the smooth expressionless gaze and simple features of a mannequin.

Now she was completely covered in the MNCs, head-to-toe in all encompassing, twilight black. But the process was not complete yet- Olivia still had one more step to make. She was all covered and suited and merged with the nanos until she could hardly tell where the flood of viscous technology ended and her actual body began- but the final touch, the transformation, was at hand…

What did she transform into?

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Samira looked at the suit and mask, folded up and lying on top of the bed. She felt little jitters fly up and down her spine and fingertips...

Samira had recently come to the world of Hephaestus in order to minister to the worshipers of the New Pantheon there. She was to serve in the capacity of priestess, more specifically the Avatar of the goddess Anuket incarnate. And that meant being the goddess herself.

Of course, it wasn't surgery or anything... invasive that would help Samira in her transformation. She smiled. Oh, Fari. She had looked so uncomfortable, talking about being squeamish with knives, looking up and down at Samira with that uneasy look on her face. Fari, oh Fari. She had always been timid, even back when they had boarded together in Londinium. Now she would be working as the priestess of the god Anubis... Samira allowed herself a smile. She could hardly imagine Fari as a black, female jackal-headed goddess-priestess of death. It would be good for her, letting Fari step out of her comfort zone.

Samira let her gaze drop down to the costume in front of her again. She had taken it off for cleaning at the start of the journey to Hephaestus from Thebes IV, and had never gotten it back on. But now that the ship was approaching the planet's surface, and considering the fact that a priestess had the sacred duty to present herself as the Avatar of her goddess at all times when she could be seen by the reverent worshipers of the New Pantheon...

Of course, the real reason why Samira wanted to put on the costume so badly was completely different. She let the smile on her face curve wickedly, and stepped forward to rest her hand on the folded mass of the flesh-like disguise.

"O Anuket," Samira said in a solemn voice. "With your blessing..." The end of the sentence broke off into a giggle, breaking the atmosphere. Samira rolled her eyes. "Oh, I'm being irreverent... all praise to Ra. Now, to the prize..."

And she picked up the costume. It was a perfect form-fit bodysuit, designed to not even show an inch of its wearer's skin, created in the visage of an anthro gazelle. Anuket. Samira reached around to grip the breasts, feeling carefully before nodding. She had unloaded the milk and water from the secret compartments... heavens forbid if she accidentally set off the mechanism while surrounded by stern priests and revering gentry...

Samira felt down a little more, hooked her finger into the anatomically correct slit, and the insert underneath. This she had filled with a little bit of liquid- not enough to make triggering the mechanism unbelievably embarrassing, but enough for putting in her silenced vibrator comfortably. After all, nobody would deny Samira the opportunity to put a little spice into those boring ceremonies, would they?

One finger still hooked into the genitals of the suit, the other holding the flaps, Samira pulled the entire setup with a quiet grunt. Then she stepped in. The inside of the costume was comfortable and slightly lubricated, so slipping in was easy. Samira was already naked, so all she had to do was... put it on. Err, become the living Avatar of the Goddess of the Nile Anuket. Same thing.

Now both legs were in. Samira wiggled her toes into the forms inside of the hooves of the costume, and made sure that everything was in the right place. Then she pulled the costume up farther until the leg channels were sliding up her own calves, then thighs. Now the costume was at her waist- and more importantly, her crotch. Samira made sure to align the insert before pushing, with one, two, three fingers to let the molded shape filler the entirety of her inside cavity. Samira moaned a little at the stimulation, but as soon as she was done took her hands away. There would be time for that later. Lots and lots more time.

Next went in the anal plug. Samira pushed it in, then aligned the urethral insert. Both would allow her to freely go about with everyday life and its... little activities. The antibacterial nanos in the inserts would actually help keep things cleaner than usual, which Samira didn't mind at all. Full penetration was also possible, an added plus.

Now it was the torso. Samira pulled the goddess up her flat belly, aligning her breasts and pushing them into the costume's cavities. Now Samira pushed in one arm, followed by the next-

And the mirror caught her eye. Samira looked up. The reflective surface depicted a most bizzare scene- from neck down, an anthro gazelle complete with hooves, fur, and... details. From neck up, a petite blonde.

Samira kept her gaze on her own face as she slowly pulled the mask up with nanobot latex covered hands, until her view was blocked by a dark inside layer. Samira felt the latex squish slightly against her face, pulled the molded gag into her mouth and let her teeth sink in, let her tongue crawl into the slot...

And she reached up, pulled her hair in, and felt for the touch-activated seal of the suit. Caressed her new face, the blackness and void where her senses of touch, sight, smell, and hearing had disappeared into. Then she ran her finger down the flaps, sealing the nanos and knitting herself in until not a single trace was left that indicated a cute, kinky girl was trapped in the skin of an Egyptian Goddess. The tightness all around her began to push in at every nook and cranny of her body, and the suit started to activate. Twin viewscreens glitched themselves to life in front of Samira's eyes. A buzzing in her ears denoted the auditory system activating. Warm tingles spread across the surface of her skin, as the touch nanos started to accommodate themselves to the environment and send signals to her real skin.

Samira looked up in the mirror. Anuket looked back, black soulless eyes staring. Then her tongue flicked out and licked her muzzle, coating it with wet saliva. A slight tingle tickled at her crotch.

Samira reached for her breasts and the container of artificial milk next to her bed. Maybe she could take the time to indulge herself just a little. After all, she was an Avatar of a divine entity, and there was still a whole two hours left until arrival.


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